The Southwest: Giants, Hoodoos, Alien Eggs, Flying Dinosaurs, etc.

The last leg of this journey included parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.  The name Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument sounded pretty interesting and I’d always wanted to photograph the giant saguaro cactus and whatever wildlife I could find nearby.  I drove south from Phoenix and arrived at about 3:30 PM, in time to find a … More The Southwest: Giants, Hoodoos, Alien Eggs, Flying Dinosaurs, etc.

Pacific Northwest

“All it does around here is rain.  Rain, rain, rain.” — A local Starbucks patron overheard in Crescent City, CA. “Rain.” — National Park Service Ranger at the Redwoods National Park Information Center in Crescent City, when asked about the forecast.  He was clearly on autopilot, knowing the answer would be right sooner rather than … More Pacific Northwest

Yellowstone to Glacier

Sept. 28, 2015: Beartooth Pass to Glacier via Mammoth Hot Springs. For the first time I slept with the roof down, using my self-made single bed platform, which was plenty comfortable. I thought it was prudent considering the signs around Beartooth Highway campsites that say, “Grizzlies may use this area.” The Yellowstone park map also … More Yellowstone to Glacier