Yellowstone to Glacier

Sept. 28, 2015: Beartooth Pass to Glacier via Mammoth Hot Springs. For the first time I slept with the roof down, using my self-made single bed platform, which was plenty comfortable. I thought it was prudent considering the signs around Beartooth Highway campsites that say, “Grizzlies may use this area.” The Yellowstone park map also … More Yellowstone to Glacier

Tetons to Yellowstone

Sept. 26, 2015: Boise to Teton National Park. First, I notice the extra weight on the roof (new solar panel) raises the center of gravity and somewhat affects cornering on mountain roads, but it’s not much harder to pop up the roof. The new pressurized struts handle the thirty extra pounds up there quite well. … More Tetons to Yellowstone

Sawtooths Revisited

Sept. 21, 2015:  Twelve days after our previous visit (me, Frank and Clair) I served again as a tour host to the Sawtooth Mountains, this time with John, who drove to Boise from Durango, CO, on his vacation.  We headed for Wild Horse Campground, since I found it on a good map this time.  We … More Sawtooths Revisited

Sampling the Sawtooths

Sept. 7, 2015: We left Boise for our first Idaho camping trip together, bound for primitive Wildhorse Campground on the southeastern edge of the newly designated wilderness of Boulder-White Clouds (B-WhiteClouds).  As we had planned for Labor Day, we saw many RVs coming towards us, whereas none were going our direction, so we were optimistic we’d … More Sampling the Sawtooths

Chasing the Milky Way via Amazon, REI and Home Depot

(Photo from New General Catalog–NGC– as posted on website of The Center for Planetary Science) Okay, the spectacle of the Milky Way may not often show in the night sky above me (yet), but I consider it to be one of the more important things in life to which humans should have access without undue trouble. … More Chasing the Milky Way via Amazon, REI and Home Depot